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ATS acquired Modoc Engineering to provide the complete solution to our customers (chillers and fluids). We still provide temperature control fluids and lubrication products from leading manufacturers. The complete Modoc lines supply customers with temperature control fluids, filters, test equipment, and lubrication products for multiple markets.

Since the 1970’s, Modoc Engineering has been a major supplier of microelectronics/semiconductor, laser, food and beverage, aerospace, and military markets, serving both the United States and overseas. We carry one of the most extensive and largest inventories of Galden, diffusion and hydrocarbon fluids on the West Coast.

Modoc was awarded excellence in quality of service and delivery performance by Lam Research and also the Department of Defense's Quality Vendor Program.

That quality of service continues today with ATS.

Modoc Products

HT - Galden® fluids offer enhanced properties for your heat transfer process, including a wider operating temperature range, a wider range boiling point, a better heat transfer coefficient, and higher specific heat.

Dielectric Heat Transfer Fluid for Wafer Etch, CVD, and Ion Implantation. A drop in replacement for Fluorinert® Fluids. Galden® is also a single fluid solution for most Thermal Shock applications and is a great heat transfer fluid for Vapor Phase Soldering and Hermetic Seal Testing.

Silicone diffusion pump fluids & high vacuum greases.

For information or ordering of Modoc products,
please phone or email our corporate headquarters.

3355 East La Palma Avenue,
Anaheim, CA, 92806

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