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Key Features

- Multi Channel Chiller System (up to four different channels)
- Fluid temperatures from -70 deg. C to 155 deg. C
- Various capability options to meet your needs
- Modular/flexible configurations for different application requirements
- Multiple frame size options
- MTBF of over 35,000 hours
- User friendly touch panel control
- SEMI S2 / F47 and CE mark certified

MP-20A Specification

Temp. range -20 to +60deg.C/ Multi Channel Chiller
Temp. accuracy 1deg.C
Heat medium GALDEN/Fluorinert/DI-EG
Cooling capacity 3kW (at -20deg.C)
Pump capacity 26.5L/min (at 0.55MPa)
Utility water 38L/min (at +25deg.C)
Special spec Accepted
Interface Analog/Digital
Dimensions W:635 x D:940 x H:1194mm
Power supply AC200V 3φ 50A 50/60Hz

MP-20A Cooling Capacity Curve

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