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Key Features

- Energy Efficient Chiller
- Automatic Mode change (Load Mode/Idling Mode)
- Automatic cooling capacity control
- Heating / Cooling assist function
- Slim body (width:390mm/15.35in)
- SEMI S2, S8, F47 and CE mark certified


MX-20 Specification

Temp. range -20 to +80 deg. C/Single Channel Chiller
Temp. accuracy 1 deg.C
Heat medium GALDEN/Fluorinert/DI-EG
Cooling capacity 2kW (at -10 deg.C), 3.5kW (at >0 deg.C)
Pump capacity 20L/min (at 0.4MPa)
Utility water 20L/min (at +25 deg.C)
Special spec Accepted
Interface Analog/Digital
Dimensions W:390 x D:1035 x H:1245mm
Power supply AC208V 3φ 20A 50/60Hz

Note: All specifications subject to change without notice

MX-20  Cooling Capacity Curve

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MX-20 Pump Curve

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