ENT Series

Key Features and Benefits:

Variable performance control Pump and MOV

Max 72% reduction of power consumption during idle mode
Intelligent PM FVD system
Heater less temperature control

Leak Free design Seal Less Magnetic drive pump

System applied leak-free connection fitting by VCR
0% Vapor loss
Higher efficiency level motor

Ultra compact design

Cascade cooling loop design
Sub cooler & Injection cooling solution

Typical Specifications:

ENT Series
# of Channels
Temp Range (deg. C)
-20℃ ~ +150℃
Cooling Capacity
Up to
Up to 2.5KW
Pump Capacity
Up to 2.5KW
Up to
25 @ 72psi

The performance data displayed on this chart is at 60Hz. Please contact us if the performance at 50Hz is needed.