GX Series

Key Features and Benefits:

High performance Green chiller by most advanced technology of CO2 refrigerant

No Freon gas for refrigerant: Uses CO2  GWP=“1”
Energy saving ( 20% better than MX-20 at -10C idling)
Broad operating range (-20C to +70C)
High efficiency of cooling system (20L/min, <+20C)
Small footprint

Variation Models with Green Mode

Minimum process fluid
Reduce power consumption at L~M temp zone in Load
Minimum cooling water required
NO refill cost of Freon gas (in Europe)
NO leak check procedure (in Europe)
Local tax for Freon gas not concerned

Typical Specifications:

GX Series
# of Channels
Up to 2
Temp Range (deg. C)
-20℃ ~ +70℃
Cooling Capacity
Up to
Pump Capacity
20Lpm @ 58psi
Up to
30Lpm @ 87psi

The performance data displayed on this chart is at 60Hz. Please contact us if the performance at 50Hz is needed.