M-Pak Series

Key Features and Benefits:

High efficiency components

PLC control
Compressor – scroll
Pump – mag-drive seal less
Variable Frequency Drive
Process fluid flow or pressure control
Refrigeration hot gas heating

Ultra compact design

Low cost of ownership

Tank volume  2.25gal (8.5L) – 50% less fluid needed at start up
Completely sealed system – No evaporative loss
Low power consumption
Power Saving Modes
Modular concept
Design Flexibility

Typical Specifications:

M-Pak Series
# of Channels
Up to 6
Temp Range (deg. C)
-45℃ ~ +85℃
Cooling Capacity
25.0kW @ 20°C
Up to
Up to 7.5kW
Pump Capacity
17Lpm @ 87psi

The performance data displayed on this chart is at 60Hz. Please contact us if the performance at 50Hz is needed.