MC/MCR Series

Key Features and Benefits:

Flexible Platform for custom OEM Solutions
Up to 3 Channels
Cryo and Super Cryo solutions, Temperatures to -60C and colder
Compact Design
Optimized Vertical Piping for Process and Facility Water Connections
End User options available – Power, communication type, connections, etc.

Low power consumption
Variable speed AC compressor control
High performance VFD control PM pump
Completely sealed system – No evaporative loss

Typical Specifications:

MC/MCR Series
# of Channels
Up to 3
Temp Range (deg. C)
-70°C ~+90°C
Cooling Capacity
6.0kW@ -60°C
Up to
25kW@ +55°C
Up to 14kW
Pump Capacity
17Lpm @ 115psi
Up to
25Lpm @ 135psi

The performance data displayed on this chart is at 60Hz. Please contact us if the performance at 50Hz is needed.